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Version: 5.x


A control for toggling the playback state (play/pause) of the current media.


Vime playback control component


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hideTooltipWhether the tooltip should not be displayed.booleanfalse
iconsThe name of an icon library to use. Defaults to the library defined by the icons player property.string ∣ undefinedundefined
keysA slash (/) separated string of JS keyboard keys (KeyboardEvent.key), that when caught in a keydown event, will trigger a click event on the control.string ∣ undefined'k'
pauseIconThe name of the pause icon to resolve from the icon library.string'pause'
playIconThe name of the play icon to resolve from the icon library.string'play'
tooltipDirectionThe direction in which the tooltip should grow."left" ∣ "right" ∣ undefinedundefined
tooltipPositionWhether the tooltip is positioned above/below the control."bottom" ∣ "top"'top'


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