Version: 5.x


Enables loading, playing and controlling videos from Dailymotion.

You don't interact with this component for passing player properties, controlling playback, listening to player events and so on, that is all done through the vime-player component.


  • You cannot change the playbackRate prop because there is no API for it.

  • The playsinline property cannot be set. The player automatically sets it to true if autoplay is true.


<vm-player controls>
<vm-dailymotion video-id="k3b11PemcuTrmWvYe0q"></vm-dailymotion>
<!-- ... -->


colorChange the default highlight color used in the controls (hex value without the leading #). Color set in the Partner HQ will override this prop.string ∣ undefinedundefined
posterThe absolute URL of a custom poster to be used for the current video.string ∣ undefinedundefined
shouldAutoplayQueueWhether to automatically play the next video in the queue.booleanfalse
showDailymotionLogoWhether to display the Dailymotion logo.booleanfalse
showShareButtonsWhether to show buttons for sharing the video.booleanfalse
showUpNextQueueWhether to show the 'Up Next' queue.booleanfalse
showVideoInfoWhether to show video information (title and owner) on the start screen.booleantrue
syndicationForwards your syndication key to the player.string ∣ undefinedundefined
videoId (required)The Dailymotion resource ID of the video to load.stringundefined


vmErrorEmitted when an error has occurred.CustomEvent<string ∣ undefined>


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