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Version: 5.x


A control for toggling picture-in-picture (PiP) mode. This control is not displayed if PiP cannot be requested (checked via the canSetPiP() player method).


Vime mute control component


<vm-player>  <!-- ... -->  <vm-ui>    <!-- ... -->    <vm-controls>      <!-- ... -->      <vm-pip-control></vm-pip-control>    </vm-controls>  </vm-ui></vm-player>


enterIconThe name of the enter pip icon to resolve from the icon library.string'pip-enter'
exitIconThe name of the exit pip icon to resolve from the icon library.string'pip-exit'
hideTooltipWhether the tooltip should not be displayed.booleanfalse
iconsThe name of an icon library to use. Defaults to the library defined by the icons player property.string ∣ undefinedundefined
keysA slash (/) separated string of JS keyboard keys (KeyboardEvent.key), that when caught in a keydown event, will trigger a click event on the control.string ∣ undefined'p'
tooltipDirectionThe direction in which the tooltip should grow."left" ∣ "right" ∣ undefinedundefined
tooltipPositionWhether the tooltip is positioned above/below the control."bottom" ∣ "top"'top'


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