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Version: 1.x

Provider Notes


  • When the player is paused, seeking and seeked are fired at the same time (in order), because there is no updates between the events from the embed.

  • Vime disables cookies by default for YouTube. If you're using @vime-js/lite you can enable them via the cookies prop, otherwise you can enable it via player.provider.cookies.

  • Enabling/disabling the native controls forces the player to reload. We set the player back to the state it was in prior to reloading.

  • You cannot change videoQuality programmatically, YouTube automatically determines the best quality to play, however you can access videoQuality to get the current quality setting.

  • Fullscreen events that come from clicking the native fullscreen control are not tracked on iOS, because the embed doesn't provide an API for it.


  • Only Vimeo PRO members can set/change the playbackRate.

  • Video quality/qualities are not supported because there is no API for it.


  • An ad plays for 10 seconds at the start of every video which delays playback. The embed ignores all commands whilst the ad is playing. We store your commands and replay them once the ad finishes.

  • Playback rate/rates are not supported because there is no API for it.