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Version: 1.x


This page will guide you on how to extend or customize the player. Refer to the Player API for what props/methods/events are available and how to interact with them.

Loading Providers#

Providers are loaded via the providers prop.

// All providers are named {ProviderName}Provider.import { Player, FileProvider, YouTubeProvider } from '@vime-js/complete';
// ...
const player = new Player({  target,  props: {    providers: [FileProvider, YouTubeProvider],  },});

Checkout the provider notes for any provider specific issues or features.

Loading Plugins#

Plugins are loaded via the plugins prop, see the plugins getting started page for more information.

import { Player, Boot } from '@vime-js/complete';
// ...
const player = new Player({  target,  props: {    // The Boot plugin installs all Vime plugins.    plugins: [Boot],  },});

Loading Icons#

Icons are set via the icons prop.

Vime Icons#

You can load the default Vime icons by using the Icons plugin.

import { Icons } from '@vime-js/complete';
// If you're using the Boot plugin, it already loads this for you.player.plugins = [Icons];

Custom Icons#

Create an SVG sprite and insert it into the head of the document. You can then override the following default icons.

  • play
  • pause
  • captionsOn
  • captionsOff
  • enterFullscreen
  • exitFullscreen
  • enterPiP
  • exitPiP
  • seekForward
  • seekBackward
  • volumeLow
  • volumeHigh
  • volumeMute
  • settings
  • checkmark
// Using custom play icon.player.icons = { ...player.icons, play: '#play-svg-id' };

Extending Language#

You can add your own language via the languages prop.

// Add the language.player.languages = {  ...player.languages,  zh: {    // From Google Translate.    play: '播放视频',    pause: '暂停影片',    // ...  },};
// Change the locale.player.locale = 'zh';


You can style the player via the theme prop. Under the hood it utilizes CSS custom properties.

CSS Vars#

  • color
  • fontFamily
  • fontSizeSmall
  • fontSizeMedium
  • fontSizeLarge
  • fontSizeExtraLarge
  • fontWeightLight
  • fontWeightRegular
  • fontWeighBold
  • baseLineHeight


// Apply a simple color theme.player.theme = '#f76d82';
// Advanced theming.player.theme = {  color: '#f76d82',  fontFamily: '"Helvetica Neue", "Segoe UI", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif',  fontSizeSmall: '14px',  fontSizeMedium: '16px',  fontSizeLarge: '18px',  fontSizeExtraLarge: '21px',  fontWeightLight: '300',  fontWeightRegular: '400',  fontWeightBold: '500',  baseLineHeight: '1.7',};